Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Friday

In addition to stuff I listed yesterday, we also received records by the following artists:

Male Bonding
Dog Day (Halifax indie)
Comets On Fire (modern noise psyche)
RL Burnside
Jill Barber
Blitzen Trapper ( 2 titles)
The Vaselines (Scottish indie pop legends)
The Dwarves (outta control)
Grandpa Boy (aka Paul Westerberg)
Iron & Wine (2 titles)
King Khan & The Shrines
Corb Lund
Misfits (various titles by the horror punks)
Mudhoney (2 titles)
The Shins (3 titles)
Wolf Parade (2 titles)
The Donnas
Postal Service
Al Green
Dum Dum Girls
Matthew Barber

plus a bunch of cool comps:

Can You Dig It? Black Action Films Vol. 1 + Vol. 2
Freedom, Rhythm & Sound
Searching For Soul: Michigan 1968-80
Bay Area Funk + Soul Essentials
Si Para Usted Vol. 2 (Cuban Funk + Soul)
100% Dynamite Vol. 1
400% Dynamite

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