Friday, July 8, 2011


Amebix-Power Remains LP
Anti Cimex-The Records LP (Great collection of early material by this seminal Swedish band)
Anti Cimex-The Demos LP
Anti System-No Laughing Matter LP (Classic anarcho harcore)
Anti System-A Look At Life LP
Autistic Youth-Landmine Beach (german press) LP (Very popular group at the store)
Doom-Doomed From The Start Demos LP
Doom-Lost the Fight/Pro Life Control Sessions LP
Doom-Fuck Peaceville 2LP (Fantastic double set of re-recorded early material. Sounds great!)
Extreme Noise Terror-Holocaust In Your Head LP (R.I.P. Phil Vane)
Hellbastard-Heading For Internal Darkness LP
Malevolent Creation- Demos LP
Ratos De Porao - Crucificados Pelo Sytema LP (Great Brazilian hardcore)
Various Artists - A Hardcore 83 LP (Propaganda Records classic compilation)
Doom - Reasonable Force 7" (Limited Issue for US Tour)
Napalm Raid - Trail of The World 7" (Second 7" by this great new Halifax band)
Skitsystem - Gra Varld Svarta Tankar LP
Skitsystem - Allt E Skit LP
Skitsystem - Stigmata LP
The Pist - Input Equals Output Album one LP
The Pist - Input Equals Output Album two LP

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