Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Restocks (lots of metal and hardcore punk) plus a few new titles for ya

Black Flag - Damaged LP
Minor Threat - Minor Threat LP
Minor Threat - First Demo Tape 7"
NOFX - White Trash... LP
Tom Waits - Real Gone LP
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon LP (w/ download)
Tom Waits - Bad As Me LP (This new record is great. No doubt about it.)
Feist - Metals LP
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here LP (180 gr + download card)
Ghost - Opus Eponymous LP
Offspring - Smash LP (re-mastered)
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced LP (180gr)
Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street (2LP) (What can you say? Fookin' classic!)
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (2LP-incl. download)
Dr. Dog - Be The Void LP (includes CD copy)
Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral (2LP + digital download)
Joe Strummer - Streetcore LP
Joe Strummer - Global A Go-Go (2LP)
Darkthrone - Plaguewielder LP (180 gram/coloured vinyl)
Darkthrone - Sardonic Wrath LP (180 gram)
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland LP (180gr)
Darkthrone - Total Death LP (180 gram-blue vinyl)
Darkthrone - Panzerfaust LP (180 gram-grey vinyl)
Saint Vitus - Heavier Than Thou (2LP)
Darkthrone - Goatlord LP (180 gram-coloured vinyl)
Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness LP (180 gram-coloured vinyl)
Flogging Molly - Float LP
Jimi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys LP (180 gram)
Burzum - Burzum/Aske (2LP-180 gram)
MC5 - Babes In Arms LP
Black Flag - In My Head LP
Death - Scream Bloody Gore (2LP-180 gram red splatter vinyl)
Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas LP
Various Artists - Fat Music For Fat People: Fat Music Vol. One
NOFX - NOFX 10" (hardcore EP)
Voivod - Negatron/Phobos (2LP/180gr w/ download card)
Black Cobra - Invernal LP (180 gram)
Voivod - To The Death 84 (2LP-incl. download)
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack LP
Kepi Ghoulie - I Bleed Rock and Roll LP
Tom Waits - Round Midnight: The Minneapolis Broadcast 1975 (2LP)
Bob Dylan - Folksinger's Choice (2LP-180 gram)
Adele - 21 LP
Bob Marley - Legend LP
Sunn O))) - Oracle LP
Sunn O))) - ØØ Void (2LP-180 gram)
Condemned 84 - In From The Darkness LP
Wild Flag - Wild Flag LP
Lost Sounds - The Lost Sounds 7"
Void - Sessions 1981-83 LP (with MP3)
Fucked Up - Year Of The Tiger (12") (Very limited 12" by this increasingly popular band)
Crucifix - Dehumanization LP
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP
Discharge - Why 12" mini LP
Discharge - Dissensitise LP
Discharge - Decontrol 7" (proud to have legit copies of 4 early singles from the very best UK hardcore band ever!)
Discharge - Fight Back 7"
Discharge - Never Again 7"
Discharge - State Violence, State Control 7"
Discharge - Apokalypse Now LP (early live set, raw, loud, crucial)
Disorder - Perdition LP
Doom - Police Bastard 7"
Doom - Doomed From the Start demos LP
Doom - Lost the fight/Pro life control LP
Doom - Fuck Peaceville Double LP
Extreme Noise Terror - Law of Retaliation LP
Germ Attack - Fear of the Unknown LP
Hellbastard - Heading for Internal Darkness LP
L'arm - S/T LP
MDC - Millions of Dead Cops LP (One of the most important US hardcore albums ever!)
Napalm Raid - Trail of the Dead 7" (Excellent band from Halifax)
The Pist - Input Equals Output Album Two LP
The Pist - Input Equals Output Album One LP
The Pist - Ideas Are Bulletproof LP
Poison Idea - Feel the Darkness LP
Poison Idea - Blank Blackout Vacant LP
Red Dons - Death to Idealism LP (Constant sellers at the store)
Red Dons - Fake Meets Failure LP
Regulations - Electric Guitar LP
Regulations - S/T LP
Skitsystem - Stigmata LP
Skitsystem - Allt E Skit LP
Skitsystem - Gra Varld Svarta LP
Skitsystem - Enkel Resa Till Ran LP
Various Artists - Welcome to 1984 LP
Various Artists - When Hell Freezes Over LP (Minneapolis hardcore comp)
Varukers - Killing Myself To Life LP
Victims - Divide and Conquer LP
Victims - In Blood LP
Victims - A Dissident LP
Victims - Neverendinglasting LP
Wolfbrigade - Prey to the world LP
Doom - Rush Hour of the Gods LP
Various Artists - Toronto City Omnibus LP
Anti Cimex - demos 81-85 LP
Anti Cimex - Records LP
Mob 47 - Karnvapen Attack 7" (Blistering swedish hardcore! Legendary.)

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