Thursday, July 26, 2012

Loud, Proud And Pissed! Lots of punk (in today or tomorrow)

Night Birds - s/t 7"
Off With Their Heads/Dear Landlord - split 7"
7 Seconds - walk together LP
7 Seconds - the crew LP
Against me! - reinventing Axl rose LP
Autistic Youth - landmine beach LP
Autistic Youth - Idle minds LP
Big Eyes - hard life LP
Black Sunday - tronic LP
The Briefs - Sex Objects LP
Copyrights - north sentinel island LP
Crusades - sun is down LP
Dear Landlord - Dream Homes LP
Ergs! - dorkrodcorkrod LP
Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic LP
Exploding Hearts - Shattered LP
Fucked up - year of the pig LP
Fucked up - year of the tiger LP
Gaslight Anthem - sink or swim LP
Gorilla Biscuits - start today LP
Government warning - no moderation LP
Guantanamo Baywatch - chest crawl LP
Hot Water Music - caution LP
Hunx And His Punx - too young to be LP
Kepi Ghoulie - i bleed rock n roll LP
King Lollipop - woodland whoopee LP
Marked Men - on the outside LP
Marked Men - fix my brain LP
Marked Men - ghosts LP
Mean Jeans - on mars LP
Mean Jeans - are you serious LP
Methadones - not economically viable LP
Mind Spiders - meltdown LP
Mind Spiders - s/t  LP
The Pixies - come on pilgrim LP
The Pixies - surfer rosa LP
The Pixies - doolittle LP
The Pixies - trompe le monde LP
The Queers - back to the basement LP
The Queers - day late and a dollar short LP
Riverdales - tarantuala LP
Rivethead - cheap whine of youth LP
Screeching Weasel - carnival of schadenfreude LP
Sedatives - s/t LP
Shannon And The Clams - i wanna go home LP
Smoking Popes - get fired LP
SNFU - if you swear you'll catch no fish LP
Something Fierce - don't be cruel LP
Sonic Youth - 1000 leaves LP
Sonic Youth - sonic nurse LP
Vanna Inget - allvar  LP
Rattus - WC rajahtaa LP
Chaos UK -Short Sharp Shock LP
Dayglo Abortions  -  Out of the Womb LP

Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP
Discharge - State Violence, State Control  7"
Discharge - Apokalypse Now LP
Discharge - War is Hell/78 demo LP
Disorder - Perdition LP
Doom - Fuck Peaceville Double LP
Doom - Lost the Fight/Pro Life Control LP
Doom - Rush Hour of the Gods LP
Doom - Doomed From the Start (demos) LP
Doom - Doomed Again LP
Fucked Up - Litany  7"
Germ Attack - Fear of the Unknown  LP
Hellbastard - Rippercrust  LP
Husker Du - The Truth Hurts, demos  LP
Martyrdod - In Extremis  LP
Mob 47 - Karnvapen Attack  7"
Discharge - Realities of War  7"
Oi Polloi- Fuaim Catha LP
The Pist- Live and Still Pist LP
The Pist - Volume 2 LP
The Pist - Volume 1  LP
The Pist - Ideas are Bulletproof  LP
Varukers - One Struggle One Fight  LP
Varukers - Live in Leeds 1984 LP
Varukers - Vingtage Varukers LP
Victims - In Blood  LP
Victims - Neverendinglasting LP
Oi Polloi - In Defense of Our Mother Earth LP  

Agent Orange - Living In Darkness  12"
Abrasive Wheels - When the punx go marching in  LP
Bad Religion - Public Service Tracks  7"
The Oppressed - Dead and Buried  LP
The Oppressed  - Fatal Blow  LP
Wolfbrigade - Damned  LP
Oi Polloi - Duisg!  LP
Voivod - War And Pain LP

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