Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hardcore/Punk New Arrivals

Blitz - Voice of a Generation  LP  (Classic album of hardcore punk/oi)
Broken Bones - Dem Bones  LP
Abrasive Wheels - When The Punx Go Marching In LP
Arctic Flowers - Reveries (euro press)  LP
Chaos UK - Short Sharp Shock  LP
Chaos UK - Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes LP
D Clone - Creation and Destroy LP
Dayglo Abortions - Feed Us A Fetus LP
Dayglo Abortions - Out of the Womb  LP  (Victoria's Finest)
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP
Discharge - Why  12" mini LP (Powerful anti-war statement)
Discharge - Disensitise LP (Great reunion album)
Discharge - War is Hell/78 demo LP
Discharge - Apokalypse Now  LP  (live album)
Discharge - Realities of War  7"  (True brickwall punk!)
Discharge - Decontrol  7"
Discharge - Fight Back  7"
Discharge - State Violence, State Control  7"
Disorder - Under the Scalpel Blade  LP
Doom - Fuck Peaceville Double LP  (Fantastic re-recordings of early material)
Doom - Rush Hour of the Gods LP
Doom - Doomed From the Start (demos) LP
Doom - Doomed Again LP
Government Issue - The Fun Just Never Ends  LP
Hellbastard - Rippercrust  LP
Heresy - 85-87  LP
Laughin Nose - Pussy for Sale  LP (Great Japanese catchy 80's punk)
The Mob - Let The Tribe Increase LP
Napalm Raid - Trail of The World  7"  (Great Halifax Band!)
NOFX- s/t  LP
Oi Polloi - Duisg!  LP
The Pist - Ideas Are Bulletproof LP
The Pist - Input/Output Volume 2  LP
The Pist - Live and Still Pist  LP
The Pist - Input/Output Volume 1  LP
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness  LP
Poison Idea - Darby Crash Rides Again (TKO)  LP
Regulations- s/t  LP
Regulations - Electric Guitar  LP
Varukers - One Struggle One Fight  LP
Varukers - Another Religion Another War  LP
Varukers - Murder  LP
Varukers - Live Leeds 84  LP
Varukers - Vintage Varukers  LP
Wolfbrigade - Comalive  LP

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