Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update 06/25/2013: Punk Singles Reissues

HACKAMORE BRICK - Oh! Those Sweet Bananas b/w Someone You Know 7" 
(Early seventies NYC rock with a strong Velvets/Lou Reed influence)
BLITZ - All Out Attack 7" EP
(This is a Brit punk/oi classic. Catchy sing-a-long punk with a barrage of loud guitars)
PARTISANS - Police Story b/w Killing Machine 7"
(Another 80's punk classic reissued just for you)
BUREAUCRATS - Feel The Pain b/w Grown Up Age 7"
(Ottawa punk from 1980 with a catchy British sound)
POINTED STICKS - What Do You Want Me To Do? b/w Somebody's Mom 7"
(This legendary pop-punk band's first and highly collectible single. Essential power pop!)
HOT NASTIES - Invasion of the Tribbles 7" EP
(Ultra rare Calgary punk from 1980)
SPYS - Underground 7"
(Catchy straight up punk from Windsor, ON circa 1980)
(1980 Edmonton lads rocking out with a NY Dolls/Teenage Head feel)

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